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Lance Quartermaine

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Lance Quartermaine is a seasoned traveller and expert tour guide who will make every step of your journey a magnificent experience.


Les Hughes

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Les is an internationally recognised expert in British motoring and the owner/editor of the prestigious Jaguar Magazine. Les will be your guide on this journey and help you experience the very best as you travel around the UK visiting the best museums and events available.


Paul Blank

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The man behind CarOpinion and AEM is Paul Blank, who has always been a car enthusiast, involved in many aspects of motoring. 

He has a BA in Industrial and Product Design and had turned his skills to creating some fascinating car conversions several years ago. His first business was Automagination, specialising in accessories and conversions for upmarket cars. Automagination was the Western Australian Distributor for brands including Momo, Recaro, Zender, AMG, BBS, Zymol and many others. 

Designed by Paul, the Automagination Range Rover Convertible was one of the company’s best known products, with fourteen examples having been built. Automagination also made several BMW E21 3-series convertibles to its own unique design.

Many Mercedes-Benz, BMWs, Jaguars and Porsches also got the Automagination treatment over the years the company existed – ranging from dramatic to subtle conversions. He also part-owned and helped establish Autostrada Imported Wheel Centre during this period.


Leo Hagan

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Leo has over 40 years experience as a photographer and videographer.  There is little he can’t help you learn about photography and video.